Accept the inEVitable, EVs are coming!


EV Consulting is here to help you – Support for Used Car Retailers – Plan & Manage Electric Vehicle Transition

You’re no doubt aware of the government’s plan to ban internal combustion engines by 2030. The way things are going, this date could even be brought forward. How will this affect your business?

Planning for the change now could be the best business opportunity you have ever seen. EVs are expensive and whilst everyone is being encouraged to switch, they won’t all be able to afford to buy new.

To make the most of this once in a lifetime situation, used car retailers will need to do very much more. It will no longer be enough to just display a few Nissan Leafs and Renault Zoes on the forecourt..!

You will need to start planning, to rebrand, to train staff and to find good stock – plus a great deal more. This is where EV Consulting can really make the difference.

With over 25 years’ experience in the Motor Trade and a wealth of knowledge on its many aspects, I’m here to help you through every step you need to take.


EV Consulting can really make a difference

Let me help you make the change…!

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