The Used EV Situation

People will be encouraged and eventually forced to run an electric vehicle as internal combustion engines (ICE) become outlawed around the world. The UK has currently stated that both petrol and diesel new car sales will be banned from 2040. This date is likely to be revised and brought into line with other European countries who currently prefer banning ICE by 2030.

STOP PRESS – Government announce a ban on ICE vehicles brought forward to 2030

Whilst there is no mention of legislation against used ICE vehicles this is bound to follow.

There are major forces behind this decision, the main one being the fight against climate change and increasing air pollution. This force is likely to increase as time goes by and so the vehicle situation could change more quickly than most people think.

What this means is that a lot of people will start looking into changing their car for an electric one. Most people do not relish the thought of changing cars. It is an expensive hassle they prefer not to embrace unless forced to. Add to this a different type of car or van, a different fuel and re-fuelling process and a whole different set of trade jargon and acronyms it is easy to see a lot of unhappy people and customers coming over the hill.

This will create a massive opportunity for retailers of used EVs

From my background in the motor trade I feel sure that most existing car dealerships will find this change to retailing Evs will be very challenging. There will be a tendency to think of EVs as just another car and carry on selling in the same way. This may not be the answer.

I believe this sea change to the vehicle industry demands a different approach to retailing. Prospective customers will need more information and more convincing about the new EV product. Treating EVs as just another car to sell won’t be enough. This new battery fuelled revolution needs a totally different approach.

The solution for Independent Used Car Retailers:

  • Employ advisors not salespeople
  • Provide greater demo opportunities
  • Better customer support
  • Help with supporting infrastructure
  • Comprehensive handover packages
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Full peace of mind warranties
  • No hassle vehicle exchange
  • Dealer charging support
  • Customer ambassador status

In short, an ‘Approved Used EV Programme’