The figures tell the story

The transition to wholesale adoption of electric vehicles continued last month unabated by the impact of Covid 19. Whilst Diesel and Petrol vehicles sales plummeted again, sales of battery electric vehicles (BEV) rose by 343% compared to December 2019.

Year on year figures are equally dramatic. Against an overall drop of almost 30% for the overall market, BEVs rose by 186%. They now account for almost 7% of the total market up from just under 2% a year ago. These are incredible figures. Is there anyone in business who can now deny that electric cars are the future. The very near future!
Anyone in the business of selling cars and vans should take note and start planning to switch over to electric as soon as possible because sales of ICE vehicles are coming to an end very soon. Customers will not be waiting until December 2029 to think about buying something electric. For more info on the latest SMMT figures click here.

Market your stock with Ambassadors

If you are thinking of selling electric cars then you need to be driving one, no question. We all know that ‘bums on seats’ has always been the way to sell cars. Well now, with electric cars, it’s even more relevant than ever. Start selling used EVs right now and introduce a customer referral programme ( I can help you with that) Every customer you satisfy with an electric car will work as an ambassador for your business from the day they take delivery. They wont be able to stop talking about it to anyone. But you have to ensure they are 100% satisfied both with the car and your service. I can help.

This is a new way of selling

Forget how you have been selling cars up till now. To make sure your ‘new’ business grows strongly you will need to adopt a different approach to sales. The new approach is – stop selling! People do not want to be ‘sold to’ Instead you will have to encourage them to buy the car from you. Once you have advised them and encouraged them and got them driving the car. They will want to buy it. You must support them throughout the buying cycle. In addition the vehicle you supply should be an ‘Approved Used EV’ Providing your customer with complete peace of mind, a bullet proof warranty and a lot more besides.

Want to know more about the new way of retailing used EVs?  Please get in touch for a no obligation chat. Make the switch!