Aston Martin Zagato V12
gorgeous now but increasingly outdated with its last century technology

Some people may be tempted to simply hang on to their ICE powered car in 2030 instead of buying electric. This is a short sighted strategy at best but you will meet this as an objection from some.

Aren’t EVs expensive?

The most powerful argument for most people will be economic. When it’s time to change, the reasons to switch to electric, are overwhelming, if you are looking for cost savings. Yes, most new EVs right now look expensive but consider this. A friend of mine recently switched from a VW Golf to an EV. He sat down and worked out the savings on fuel and servicing would pay for the finance on a new model. Then by switching to Octopus Energy for his electricity supply at home he was amazed to find that some weekends Octopus were paying him to use renewable electricity! By charging his EV at home he has been able to reduce his fuel costs to a ridiculously low amount. No looking back. Get customers to look at the total cost of ownership, not just the purchase price.

Don’t forget the exhaust pipe

Not everyone is swayed by the cost savings. Many of us want to help our environment and quite right too. Now whilst many think it is more user friendly to go on using a vehicle already in use, that’s not the case. Exhaust gases and particulate emissions are the real enemy. As your ICE car gets older it becomes less efficient through wear and tear. This leads to ever more toxic emissions. Health experts now agree that road traffic pollution is a real killer and we have to stop burning stuff for fuel. There is now an alternative and its electric. Just bear in mind EVs are not a perfect solution but they are far, far better.

Don’t get left behind

Another factor to take into account is simply getting bored with your current car. The number of times I heard customers say things like “this will be the last car I buy” and “I am going to keep this and run it into the ground” Guess what, within two or three years they were back again changing cars. Probably saying the same things again! If you need a car in your family, chances are you will change that car every two, three or four years. Especially if your friends and family are getting into new EVs, it won’t be long before you decide to join them.

The confirmed sceptic

However, there will always be a small percentage of people unwilling to change. Refusing to accept something better or different. But that’s ok. They are the minority, you can afford to let them go. Just focus on helping those customers who want to change or feel they should. Make their experience one to remember and they will come back and maybe recommend your services.