VW iD3 on charge in the UK

VW iD3 on charge in the UK

New car dealers won’t be the competition.

An online search of local South West main dealers reveals an almost complete lack of advice and help for anyone thinking of changing to an EV on websites. Most importantly, the same applies to visiting showrooms, in general most main dealers are too busy selling ICE stock and lack a knowledge and understanding of EV’s. Moreover, as well as no friendly help or advice there is predictably too much jargon. Now with EVs there is a whole raft of new motor trade description and jargon just waiting to be abused.

People will be wary and slightly anxious about making the huge step from ICE to EV. Bear in mind they will be wary about two things when going to a ‘dealer’ Firstly, being made to feel stupid because they do not understand the new EV world. Secondly, not being able to understand the jargon surrounding electricity, charging infrastructure, power outputs, charging/re-fuelling times and types, range, battery state of health, state of charge etc, etc. The result is lots of confusion.

There is a huge number of conversions of older cars to battery power happening in the UK right now.

The great opportunity

What this all means is…a great opportunity! A used car dealer who wants to sell a lot of used EVs will need to address these issues. It requires a complete change of approach. You won’t need to worry about the early adopters for EVs. They will by and large have sorted themselves out by now and will almost certainly know more about the EV they want to buy than any dealer. The other sector to not worry too much about is the die hard sceptic. Some people will never want to change to EVs until forced to by government and legislation. Don’t waste time trying to convince them. Move on. The sector you need to think about is the biggest. The sector in the middle, the majority of car owners – second hand vehicle owners. People looking to buy a pre-loved vehicle. I predict the buying cycle for used EVs is going to be much longer than for an ICE vehicle. By now, most customers know how to buy a used car. They know how to drive it, refuel it and maintain it. All very straightforward and accepted by everyone. And all that is changing.

What you need to do next

Above all the most important thing for a used car dealer now thinking of selling used EVs is this. Preparation. Plan how you are going to approach this challenge. Figure out what EV customers will be looking for and what sort of information they will need. Then think about what car you will need to drive, as a showcase for your business. Will you need demonstrators? Will you need to install a charging station. What about preparation of the used EV? What about warranty? And don’t forget, the first thing you will need to do is build trust.

The most desirable EV right now – Tesla Model 3 Performance?

Help is at hand

The good news is, I can help you with all the planning and preparation you need to carry out. I am also doing the research of dealers, potential customers and current EV owners so you can keep your finger on the pulse.  In conclusion, I can help you make the switch and embrace an effective and profitable transition from ICE to EV retailing.

Just don’t leave it too long to make that start.