Tesla Model 3 – could this be the first fully autonomous car?

In the beginning

Cars became popular for a reason. They gave people mobility and they were affordable. They also very quickly spawned an essential industry to support them: inextricably linked and powerful in ensuring cars stayed around a long time, the oil industry. This not only helped the development of cars, but it also became essential.

What’s wrong with modern cars?

The problem that cars have given us came about gradually. In the same way that horses, before cars, helped personal mobility but eventually became a problem due to the sheer volume of them in cities, so cars have become a huge problem for many reasons. The three most important ones are arguably – 1) toxic fumes 2) too many cars 3) too much parking space required.

The car has nevertheless proved itself to be hugely successful and effective for most of the world. There is no effective and economical alternative solution available right now. There is however a new version of the car – Car 2.0 – that offers a massive improvement.

So what’s the alternative?

‘Version 2.0’ is the electric car, soon to be the electric autonomous car. Let’s examine why very briefly. If we look at the three main problems with our current cars the first is the engine and fuel system. Whether petrol or diesel, burning stuff to provide energy is last century tech. It is also toxic to humans. How could we have allowed this to persist as long as we have? Car 2.0 uses electric motors and battery power. Meaning much less pollution with no exhaust fumes and hardly any noise pollution either. With the rise of renewable energy, we also don’t have to rely on coal or oil.

The end of car ownership.

Secondly let’s consider the problem of too many cars. Once electric cars become autonomous, they will change from being personal (or business) transport and become transport as a service (TaaS). People will no longer buy their own car but hail a ‘taxi’ on their App. Why on earth will this happen I hear you ask? Simply economics. It will be massively cheaper to use an autonomous taxi than own your own car. You save on the initial purchase price, the fuel costs, the maintenance and the parking issue and cost. This will result in fewer cars on the road.

Car parks will disappear.

Thirdly, there will be no need for huge parking space provisions for cars in our cities. This space can be used for other things. Building developments will be cheaper because there will be no need for car parks at business premises or hotels or any other type of buildings.

No more traffic jams!

One extra bonus will be that you will get more lie-ins. When autonomous electric taxis talk to each other there will be no traffic jams, no need for traffic lights or conventional junctions. The traffic will just flow, controlled by AI. So you can leave home later knowing you will arrive at the office or meeting on time. You wont have to park a mile away and walk.

Cars Ver 2.0 – Not the perfect solution but much, much better than the existing model. Oh, and did I mention safety?

I know this must sound all very Science Fiction and a bit far-fetched at the moment but mark my words. It is coming – and coming fast.