There’s a rumour going around that Tesla and Toyota are about to form a multi million dollar collaboration over a new EV using Toyota’s platform and Tesla’s software. Quite amazing bearing in mind the failed previous partnering deal back in 2010.

This could happen but seems unlikely. Why would Tesla use a platform from an OEM when they seem to have mastered production quite well so far . They also like to do stuff in house – vertical integration rules and all that. But maybe just maybe it will turn out that Toyota are just after the software for their own vehicles. After all, they are chasing the ball right now and need to catch up. So how do they do that with software that isn’t available anywhere apart from the current market leaders – Tesla.

This could make millions for Tesla. It would also help Toyota keep their heads above water for a little longer. Let’s face it, without this kind of action, Toyota are going to find the struggle to transition more and more difficult.

Let’s see what develops.