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Why is this transition happening?..

  • It’s global and it’s unstoppable. Environmental concerns, not to say panic, are driving this change.
  • It is now inevitable that battery electric cars are the future
  • Almost every car manufacturer is now either producing electric vehicles (EV)s or planning to.
  • The UK government has expressed its intention to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030
  • Sales of new ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles are now plunging every month
  • The rest of Europe and most other countries have announced similar – or even more drastic – time frames to ban ICE vehicles

People will not wait until 2030 to change over to EVs, so the transition has already started

…so how will this affect me?

  • New EVs are expensive, so there will be many people looking for good used ones
  • Conversely, more and more of your customers will stop buying ICE vehicles
  • Because EVs are so different in many ways – driving, maintaining, and re-charging – people will understandably be wary and cautious
  • They will need strong reassurances, proper warranties and a large amount of clear information before committing to a purchase
  • The potential market for used EV sales is huge! And yet most dealers will be reluctant to commit to changing over too soon
  • Already there are specialist EV dealers springing up around the country
  • The good news: Dealers who start planning their transition now will obviously have a great head start on the more cautious ones.
  • The bad news: If you are left behind it will inevitably cost you more to catch up – and if you leave it too long, that may become impossible to achieve


…so you will soon need to start driving an EV too!

Creating an EV Experience Centre: people will tend to think they can only buy a used EV from a main dealer.

Your potential customers may naturally be unsure and wary about making this big change and will need your help and advice. It’s really important that you are prepared, ready and able to reassure them that you are a professional, certified and trustworthy independent used car retailer, offering the complete package in order to generate their peace of mind and trust.

I can help you to address each important step along the way:

  • Staff Training: The new advisory role, the new marketplace – no more selling!
  • Transition: From ICE to EV planning – how and when
  • Product Training: EV specs, charging, servicing, accessories, conversions etc.
  • Stock management: Balancing ICE and EV
  • Stock Sourcing: What EVs to stock and where to find them
  • Going Green: Why your business should be a green dealership: connected to local sustainable groups and promoting renewable energy
  • Peace of Mind: Creating an approved used EV programme
    Marketing & Promotion: Encourage people to visit your site to find out more about EVs, run seminars for businesses and private buyers, organise demo days and drive out events
  • Website & Social Media: Step by step guide to the transition you need to make both on and offline